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Its more than just muscle cars. I built my VIII to 400 whp with ease. If you click them and make a purchase, DSMtuners ownership may earn a small commission. Since these are interference motors, youll end up hitting valves and bending valves. The 4Gs are a little bit older and they have higher mileage. I would look into what the dune buggies use built bus trans or 930, Support Vendors who Support the DSM Community. You have options to avoid this. As well as lots of Turbo kits and knowledge resources online for turbo'ing it up once you get off your P Plates. 4g63 Swap - Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB > Technical Topics > Engine Swaps 4g63 Swap Engine Swaps Discussion of engine swaps. MAPerformance uses two terms to differentiate between the power holding capacity of any given engine within the 4G63t power plant, Stage 1 or Stage 2. These designations are given to engines that can hold a certain amount of approximate power, but imply the components and techniques used to assemble them with the understanding that an increase in power will result in an increase in the heat and stresses imparted to the internals that are being used to control that power level. 9800 Hemingway Avenue SouthCottage Grove, MN 55016, Mon-Fri: 6:00am - 6:00pmSat & Sun: Closed, Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout, Get your purchase now, pay over time with, Suspension Options - Coilovers vs. When a tighter piston warms up, it is expanding until it reaches running temperature but until that happens, the larger piston to wall clearance will allow the piston to rattle in the bore it is subtle and sometimes silent, but it is a side effect that will wear the bore of the engine block out faster. The choices of transmissions we can use continues to grow. 3S alternator will mount to back of block with a Jay's racing kit if kit is modified/cut and spacer's added to align the 3S alternator with 4G crank damper. the 3 rib that was in it before dropped 3rd gear so the 5rib went in. Its definitely better for higher horsepower because once you start getting crazy high boost, you need to start running very high seat pressures and open pressures on springs. The potential of the K24 in an 86 chassis has already been seen by a few highly skilled DIY enthusiasts, but we . Later versions also received Mitsubishis variable valve timing system, MIVEC. Mitsubishi drastically changed this engine family from the previous ones. Which ones are best for you? 4G63 blocks are scarce. I have 1 billion hours into it. This is a complete write up of everything I had to do for my swap, including all wiring that I needed to do, specific parts I needed to use from specific years of either 3S or DSM. AMS sells a billet cap and you have to put that on and machine it especially for that head. It was insanely reliable. The Porsche boxes aren't that strong. Will you need to move the engine? The new cylinder dimensions contribute to a free-revving character, linear power delivery and wide torque curve. Mechanical Maintenance (Oil, Fluids, Break-In, Servicing), Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB, http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=122135, 2JZ Swap - Looking for Labor Info from Swap Shops/XP'd Members, Pentosin Trans Fluid Swap | Motul 300 Diff Swap | Impressions, Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum - FT86CLUB. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Unlike with the 4G63, Yaghoubian says the 4B11 doesnt have the same issues with the head lifting off the block and the head flows better for higher horsepower. Some examples: Most information on the site refers to swapping a 4G6x into a Starion or Conquest, but most concepts can be used for swapping into any vehicle. Deep down, whats the goal to get out of the build? 1st: There are NO stock OEM Mighty Max / D50 trucks that have a transmission that bolts to a 4g63 without modifications 2nd: :: Project Zero G :: < check here for the transmissions that are available (manual gearboxes) or you can use a Toyota transmission with an adapter from Bill > Japanese Auto Repair A 2g DSM ecu will plug into 3S harness and could run Link for tuning. This WHITE 2020 SUBARU BRZ TS is part of our AUTOMOBILE vehicles. No i havent, which is why i am thinking the k24, but the k24,ls3 and 2jz all have wiring loom adapters to the brz available. One of the other things I see is a lot of shops will replace cams and dont recheck lash. With the stock regulator, sometimes the bottom end will have too much oil flow, meaning your head is getting starved. We have full wet blocks seeing 1,000-plus horsepower on the factory block, obviously with doing main studs and head studs and little tricks here and there, Yaghoubian says. Plus Fill Out Your Bracket For a Chance to WIN a $2000 MAP Gift Card! We shall see. We have a long history in automotive performance and a reputation for talking it and living it. 4G63 blocks are scarce. Not sure what you would have done to make it work, I started with a 2G trans and my cables wouldn't even reach one of the arms for me. 4L I6 compression between makes up to 325 kW (436 hp) and 576 Nm (425 lbft) with a turbo, just shy of 200 KW and an insane 400 Nm without a turbo. As a general rule, we recommend that customers build an engine to suite their power goals for the maximum life expectancy. There are several variations of 4G6x motors depending on the model and year so be sure to be specific. They are referred to as the six bolt and seven bolt engines, respectively. I've seen bone stock mid 90's impreza 5-speed trans hold 500+whp without issue. There are guys putting down crazy amounts of horsepower and they cant run a good time at the track. You would mount the dsm engine and trans in the back, just like its mounted in the front of a fwd car. Here are some pros and cons of each: Cons: For Evo applications, blocks can be hard to source and no extra displacement for more exhaust energy, Pros: Easy displacement that bolts in where the 2.0l goes without any modifications. Also, think of the weight difference. I plan on using a locally sourced 4g63 mated to a 15+ sti transmission while retaining my oem interior harness. 2015 BRZ 86 GL Hatch 1984 BRAT. Pinouts are nearly identical. I'm also counting on a bit of turbo lag. This guy already has a mockup on CAD,and just lacks a few details. The only 4G63 Subaru swap I have ever encountered: Speedracer startup (4G63 powered Subaru 360) - YouTube . I decided to do an in depth write up on the 4G63 swap in my 92 VR4 based on my experience. There are exceptions though, so be sure to check the chart, and more importantly measure what you have in front of you. Data is processed in accordance with privacy policy. Project Zero G was started in 2003 to form a community for rear wheel drive (RWD) 4G63 motor swaps. You'll get 14 year olds calling it boring but you know it's the LS. If the lower bellhousing bolts are 12.75" appart than you have a "narrow block" and if they are 13.75" appart you have a "wideblock". That would be great, for some reason the 4g63 is the best sounding inline 4 cylinder ive ever heard, not high pitched like k series and 3sge 2 4x420 2 yr. ago crate LS3. Our experts have many years of aftermarket development and distribution experience. The key is to use the Porsche gearbox. By the end of this article, youll be armed with the knowledge to choose the right engine for you or help your customer to make the right decision for them. Also saw some exploded sliders. The intelligent and free thinking atmosphere has also helped spread information on head conversions, hybridization, and cross brand compatibility making it a great source of information for "wrong wheel drive" Mitsubishi tuners as well. Originally Posted by cmk82600. If you want to really take it to the next level, you can have billet main caps made and a custom girdle made for it. Another option is to relocate the parts on the back of the head that interfere. Alot of the bug guys are switching over to the subaru trans with the swapped ring and pinion,and making decent power with them. That engine really doesn't swap well, it's facing the wrong way. That will depend on how the above can affect your use of the car and long term goals, but what we can tell you, is that we can help build you and recommend specific configurations to keep you and your car happy. . Nice to hear of progress. The concept is pretty simple. How will you run the water pipes, intercooler pipes, fuel lines, etc? On the 4G63, the threads on the head bolts arent even a half-inch down from the deck, so its not clamping everything together very well compared to a Honda or the 4B11 where the main studs are going almost all the way to the bottom of the cylinders, Yaghoubian says. Is there a right way? You must be logged in to view this image or video. I think kennedy can build ya a 4g to Ej adapter, but that would mean mid-mounting the trans unless you make the 4g reverse rotation. It seems like a dumb idea. I will be using 5 speed Subaru converted to 2wd with flipped r&p in my 912 and an EJ20. When you get it running come pick me up, my car is still down and I need a fix. - 4G63 turbo swap - Evo 8 16G - 4G63 harness wired into the factory fuse box in the dash- Custom intake manifold - 650cc injectors - DSMLink V2- External Walbro 255 - 2G MAF - EVO 8 intercooler - KM132 5-speed Transmission has \"wideblock\" internals, a Starion tail shaft, and uses a hydraulic clutch. ), Shifter: use 3000GT/Stealth fwd auto shift cable and shifter, Passenger axle: same as above (fwd auto axle), Intermediate shaft: use DSM manual intermediate shaft/bearing/mount, Driver side axle: Stock 3000 VR4 (or as above if too long), Shifter: for a 1g DSM trans, use 3000GT/Stealth 5 speed shifter and cables. Please note, the following damage may be present on the vehicle SIDE and FRONT END, which can be viewed more closely by examining the photos included on this page. Still no real base maps available and little documentation, but they are extremely capable and offer just about the best experience. That engine, and its newer 4B11 variant, have since become favorites among many import car racers. ), CAS, throttle body, temp sensor and injector (use 1,2,3,4) wiring can all be used from 3000GT/Stealth. I tried to be as detailed as possible in documenting my swap since things were a lot different for me than they were for Eric. Assuming I don't run in to any more surprises, I should be driving it all Friday. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I have tried. You CAN use 7-Bolt pistons in a 6-bolt engine, however because the 7-Bolt pistons use a 22mm wrist pin and the 6-Bolt pistons use a 21mm wrist pin, you will either have to customize the 6-Bolt connecting rod to use a 22mm wrist pin, or you will have to purchase a . But it wasnt the case for me. The emphasis is on the 4G63-powered cars, but we welcome 420A owners and those with 4G63-swapped vehicles as well. At the crank, theyre putting down close to 900-1,000 horsepower. Have you swapped an engine before? I was considering s2k trans but I think we will try with bmw first. Igniter and Coil Assembly (Specific to 20V engines AE101/AE111 interchangeable, but NOT the 16V unit) 20V 4A-GE Electrical Diagrams and AE86 Repair Manual (OEM) Pipes and Hoses, Elbows for water lines. Wife's ride: 2017 Hyundai Tucson 1.6T --HKS SSQV BOV, resonator pipe delete. I would love to have a 6spd,but the rexxers thing anything with WRX on it is gold plated and was peed on by jesus. I've a very long history with all sorts of us and Jdm 5 speeds, and even a type ra box will explode nearing the 350tq range. Feel free to reach out and we can offer our professional opinion, and dont forget to dream big! Forged from race-proven 2618 alloy aluminum, the pistons are exquisitely finish machined, including 3D milling on the piston crowns, internal lightening, and lateral gas ports. With the solid bucket-style, the head does flow better, he says. We have a long history in automotive performance and a reputation for talking it and living it. Very helpful read. I know I am going to have to build a motor for it. Attached documents usually get ignored by people browsing and searching. - A place to share and discuss projects with wheels, Press J to jump to the feed. A forum community dedicated to all Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth owners and enthusiasts. I blew my last ej207 up so I figured I would try a Evo. There are some wonderful combinations that you can make simply by separating the part's purpose from its application. Don't give up if it's something you want to do. Ill replace them with LA Sleeves, Golden Eagle or Darton sleeves. It may not display this or other websites correctly. What Mitsubishis performance engines might lack in widespread availability compared to say Hondas, they make up for in motorsport heritage. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I may have used dsm shift cables, can't recall, but it didn't require the modification to the trans shifting mechanism that you are thinking it does (from DSM tuners info of 2g in a 1g) and I know i used the 3S shifter. All returns processed by our shop are managed in a. You are using an out of date browser. You must log in or register to reply here. The shop also offers customers the option of a shoulder dowel. They placed a few critcal parts on the back of the head, which interfere with our firewalls. DSMtuners is the largest DSM forum and online enthusiast community on the web. No response. ECU: 91-97 3000GT/Stealth ecu plugs are the same as 2g DSM. The emphasis is on the 4G63-powered cars, but we welcome 420A owners and those with 4G63-swapped vehicles as well. I've got a 4G block sitting right here. People might get offended since its auto, Good luck. All engines developed within the 4B11 family have an aluminum cylinder block and head, four valves per cylinder, DOHC layouts, and MIVEC continuous variable valve timing. I recently purchased a 1996 evo with a bottom end knock. They were the same type of gear stripping from a roll the dsm transmissions do at 450+ ft/lbs, but at a much lower torque value. Not like a 4g can make with an HX35,but decent power. FREE $100 BACK in points on Orders Over $700! 18x8.5 MOMO Sport wheels and Eibach pro kit springs from 1999. By submitting data, you accept privacy policy provisions. First introduced in the 1980 Lancer EX 2000 Turbo, the 4G63 engine has become a mainstay for performance-minded racers and . User Tag List Page 1 of 2 1 2 > Thread Tools Search this Thread That is all. It comes with radiuses on the crank instead of undercuts on the Evo. By submitting data, you accept privacy policy provisions. Most of the failures I saw weren't shock loading from clutch dumps. Once you do all that stuff to it, youre just as strong as a 4G, if not stronger. Check where the product is in stock. I always thought that the k24 would be an ideal engine to swap into a brz due to how light, compact and short it is, however after researching i found that it weighs 187 kilograms which isnt far from the more stout, better sounding 1jz/2jz, the 2jz weights 230kilograms with its stock twins, and everything else it needs which is only 43kilograms more, would it really make that big of a difference in a 1200kg car? That will depend on how the above can affect your use of the car and long term goals, but what we can tell you, is that we can help build you and recommend specific configurations to keep you and your car happy. We see way more 4Gs than 4B11s, Yaghoubian says. Hell, I have a buddy with a ~350whp EA in his brat that has a stock dual range transmission. DCT swaps are the new thing right now. You must log in or register to reply here. While it is easy to think "I want this motor. DSMtuners is the largest DSM forum and online enthusiast community on the web. >This is a trendy topic and quite frankly, dependent on technology and tuning advancements so there is never a clear stand out winner but the main choices tend to boil down to the following displacements. http://shoptalkforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=146223, http://www.billsautofab.com/recent_mit.asp, 2gNT 98 Eclipse RS Help, Hints, Solutions. Either of these would likely be easier than trying to keep the AWD platform. There are a myriad of variations of these engines that all attempt to increase either revolutions holding capacity or displacement, all with the intent of holding more power by creating more exhaust energy to feed a larger turbocharged version. That's the strongest 5sp.. Not too many people have the older stuff anymore., Since the 4G63 features a cast iron block, they can handle a lot of power on the factory sleeves. Every Subaru trans you can use, with the exception of the 6-speed sti trans is prone to explode at 16g pump gas power levels. Now that you've got the basics, read more about the details involved with doing the swap. It went from a lifter-style head on the 4G to a solid bucket-style on the 4B11.. AUTO (confirmed to work with a 2G DSM auto): Passenger axle: use 3000GT/Stealth fwd auto axle, Intermediate shaft: use DSM auto intermediate shaft/bearing/mount, Driver side axle: start with a passenger side 3000GT/Stealth axle. 4g63 swapped Mr2. Our experts have many years of aftermarket development and distribution experience. 901 & 915 are pretty weak unless you use oil coolers on them. I am a Subaru guy but I like to drive hard. Due to the fact its a inline motor and my buddy is a Mitsubishi guy and he said I would be able to use a 4g64 block. When looking at the differences between the six bolt and seven bolt versions of the 4G63, there are a few, namely in regard to the crank. K24 is a far better choice from every angle possible. crate LS3. I can't view that link. Which measurements do you need? For over a year, our team has poured countless hours into all aspects of development, with a lofty goal of taking a much-needed engine swap to the next level. Ah yes, a modern rendition of the Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T/GSX. Youre only around 500-600 horsepower and even then its a guessing game as to when its going to blow up. What I would like are the measurements since I'm out of town on a work trip,and can't get them. Progress would assume someone actually tried. As the off-road racing community and technology grew, so did the vehicle speeds and related suspension components. You couldn't pay me to swap in a 4G63. This is probably a silly question because race car. but. where you able to keep the AC, or do you know if it's possible without a ton of modification? I would like a motor capable of handling power reliably but also understand bthat depends how I drive It. Attached doc has some of the basics of doing a 4g63 swap in a 3000GT/Stealth using 4Gswap.com mounts. In mid-2020, we announced that we were beginning development on a K24 swap package for the 2013-2020 BRZ/FRS/86 chassis. As import cars performance on and off the track continued to grow, their factory wet sump systems simply couldnt handle the performance and the development of dry sump systems for the popular imports was in high demand.

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